My sibling wants me to complete this, and since it requires putting together small pieces, it will take some time.

I’m taking a while on Week 3 since I’m researching facial planes not covered by Hampton’s videos. Neither is study on skull planes.

Sorry for the unresponsive last few days.

I went through a withdrawal from my assignment and was decompressing. Though I didn’t get as far as I hoped, I didn’t entirely forget about what I had to do and watched some videos about drawing heads and one of Vilppu’s gesture video. I was completely discouraged about my last timed gesture sketches and that contributed to a blow on my self-esteem.

I was distraught over the appearance of my head constructions, too. But hey, practice makes perfect and getting stuck on this is not good for me in the long run.

Tired today.

I will be spending time today looking at Vilppu gesture vids and browsing Hampton’s figure drawing book. Using Vilppu as a supplemental guide is a great benefit. He even explains the box body that Hampton didn’t explain in the first video.

But yea, I’m tired. I created three other secret blogs about other studies to update along with this blog, and I also clean and cook around the apartment because my youngest sibling can’t take care of herself.

Also I’m spending too much time browsing 4chan so that’s my mistake. I won’t go on 4chan or other networking sites until the end of this year.

I’m going to sleep early.

(I have like, three days to finish my head constructions.)

Edit: Starting on value study for a tree. Now I go to sleep.


Old art 2.

I was browsing through my old hard drive that I took with me when I moved. It just occurred to me that I had some more artwork but I didn’t realize how old they were. In fact I don’t remember much from my early 20s.

I think I was going through some situations.

oof, old drawings.

I thought I had more from high school. Or they’re scattered on the internet somewhere. My coloring skills are horrible, though. Never did attempt coloring.

Some college/late art. At this point in life I didn’t have a lot of inspiration to draw upon. I was working most of the time. My primary major was Drafting and Design with emphasis on Architecture. I never finished.

It’s about that time I educate myself on some technical skills in art. As in abstractions like gestures and scribblers and feels. My body is not ready. QQ

Contour practices.

I am not good with gestures. Right now I’m practicing with poses since I am still deciding on whether or not I should take Proko’s courses. I need professional critiques or at least a second opinion from someone who draws realism as oppose to cartoon stylization.

I refer to references a lot when drawing poses.