Cleaning the skeleton with acetone…

Saved me a bunch of trouble. I couldn’t do it earlier because I was worried about removing the blue and red paint, but at this point (cleaning with isopropyl, cleaning with Goo Gone, trying to bleach and soak the bones twice to remove the residue etc) I was over my aversion to using acetone.

Residue completely and easily removed.

Also I’m trying to make a stand for it with a curtain rod I have from home and part of an inexpensive rolling chair.

It’s in the works.

I’m studying some old masters. Also attempting to learn more about oil painting.

Due to Covid-19 I haven’t received more clay to complete my ecorche yet.

Almost halfway done.

I will use polymer clay next time. This clay that I’m using keeps breaking because it’s a stiff and crumbling type clay (breaks on the spinal process and ribs). But I am finally finished with the scapula, just need to mold the skeletal hand before baking.

Skeletal hand that needs to be molded.

I’ve made more notes. I’ve decided to write with a blue pencil since I keep getting graphite on my hand. I’m almost out of General’s Colortex np blue pencil. Haven’t gone through Prismacolor’s np pencil yet.

I drew my previous notes in graphite then inked it. The tracing paper still leaves smudges though.
Writing my notes in np blue pencil. No smudges.
I sharpen with a razor and a small cheap sand block for the tips. Less waste for these blue leads. I use to draw in Crayola color pencils.

Honestly drew poses every day..

..Except for the past two days because I was reading Dostoevsky and Kierkegaard, and I had a job interview last Thursday. I’ve been too lackluster in updating this improvement blog because my drawings have been practices of poses. I’m up to 500 gestures but I still feel like an amateur when it comes to certain body positions, ex if the pose is angled below the waist. I should concentrate more on the torso, and every now and then draw the stretching muscles on the shoulders. I will leave the hands and feet as separate studies instead of spending my 45-30 sec. on detailing them in poses (unless I have extra time).

Also practicing on head likeliness. I’m sketching them according to the advice I was given in Hampton’s head video (proportions and placement).