Honestly drew poses every day..

..Except for the past two days because I was reading Dostoevsky and Kierkegaard, and I had a job interview last Thursday. I’ve been too lackluster in updating this improvement blog because my drawings have been practices of poses. I’m up to 500 gestures but I still feel like an amateur when it comes to certain body positions, ex if the pose is angled below the waist. I should concentrate more on the torso, and every now and then draw the stretching muscles on the shoulders. I will leave the hands and feet as separate studies instead of spending my 45-30 sec. on detailing them in poses (unless I have extra time).

Also practicing on head likeliness. I’m sketching them according to the advice I was given in Hampton’s head video (proportions and placement).

Sorry for the unresponsive last few days.

I went through a withdrawal from my assignment and was decompressing. Though I didn’t get as far as I hoped, I didn’t entirely forget about what I had to do and watched some videos about drawing heads and one of Vilppu’s gesture video. I was completely discouraged about my last timed gesture sketches and that contributed to a blow on my self-esteem.

I was distraught over the appearance of my head constructions, too. But hey, practice makes perfect and getting stuck on this is not good for me in the long run.

That didn’t go the way I thought it would.

Before trying to practice drawing heads, I wanted to see what would happen if I sat through a longer session and shorter amount of time than my previous gesture practices. No erasing or tuning up the drawings. I wanted to see where I was going.

Well, it was worse than I thought. At 30 second intervals instead of 45 (and 40 weird poses per session), I panicked more than I anticipated. No time to think where to put down my strokes. It didn’t help that I didn’t draw yesterday either.

I’ll try again tomorrow since I wasn’t use to the pace. I dove into some notes in Hampton’s figure drawing book since it went more in depth than his videos.

notesThis is pretty embarrassing too, but I forgot so much steps in his head construction lecture. I think I have to refer to¬†skull studies to understand it more. I’m not even to the muscles yet, but I regret not learning figure drawing when I was younger. Oh well. Better late than never.