Ecorche almost complete.

I am on part 10 of 11 vids.

It’s not perfect but it’s something.

Also still cleaning the skeleton I got from eBay.

The Goo Gone helped with the stickiness. It’s time for me to submerge the bones in bleach water. Just a bit of bleach and a good scrub.

The residue was still sticky so I’m leaving the bones in the tub overnight. Maybe that’ll help.

Bought a used skeleton off eBay.

It’s in pieces but it’s good quality. I’m going to clean it up and restore it.

Arrival of body parts.
The parts were really messy and sticky due to the melted ligaments, but either than that it wasn’t too damaged.
Melted ligaments everywhere.

I cleaned it up a bit with rubbing alcohol (removed all the ligaments) but it took a while and still had the sticky residue. Tomorrow I will get something to remove the residue.

Afterwards I worked on my ecorche.

Almost halfway done.

I will use polymer clay next time. This clay that I’m using keeps breaking because it’s a stiff and crumbling type clay (breaks on the spinal process and ribs). But I am finally finished with the scapula, just need to mold the skeletal hand before baking.

Skeletal hand that needs to be molded.

I’ve made more notes. I’ve decided to write with a blue pencil since I keep getting graphite on my hand. I’m almost out of General’s Colortex np blue pencil. Haven’t gone through Prismacolor’s np pencil yet.

I drew my previous notes in graphite then inked it. The tracing paper still leaves smudges though.
Writing my notes in np blue pencil. No smudges.
I sharpen with a razor and a small cheap sand block for the tips. Less waste for these blue leads. I use to draw in Crayola color pencils.