I forgot to update

I don’t know if I’ve posted these here but they were before my last post.

Just a color over hand drawing
Made in clip studio paint when I wanted to practice coloring ‘realistically’.
I think I should have added more detail to the hands but I wanted to moved on. I made this up from various references so it’s somewhat wonky

Studying skin, more practice stuff.

From sketch to color. The results…could be better. Lol.

Sketch from a photo.
My attempt to fix it and understand the drawing more, especially the skull underneath. CSP.
Fixed some more and colored. I dotted with the oil painting brush tool. Very strange results. If you step back and squint, it looks better.


Also I was drawing someone from zoom but I couldn’t get her head at the right angle. You know what that means? More skull practice.

Wasn’t my best, need more skull practice.
I also sat down and drew one of my friends. I love this carpenter pencil but darn are the marks light. I think it’s an H or something.
I’m actually surprise that I churned this out in 10 minutes. It doesn’t have much detail but it still looks human, and I think the mouth is actually not too low this time. Have to sleep so I can’t get more portrait practice in today.