Mixed some grey paints.

I studied more than I drew, but it’ll probably be easy for me to get back into drawing. It’s the fundementals- and colors- that I lack.

I like this slow pace. Doesn’t feel like I have to impress anyone. The only thing to worry about is making a portfolio because I haven’t completed much.

I heard that Artistic Anatomy by Dr. Paul Richer will be good for me after I finish some more anatomy notes.

Oh yeah, I also understand one point perspective. Wonder why I put learning it off in the first place. Better late than never!

Some small grey paint mixes.

Ecorche done haha

This took more time than expected. I think I started it back in January because I added notes and stuff. It’s okay looking (big gluteus maximus due to large iliac). It’s not perfect, but by the end of the road I was looking more towards the goal than the journey.

Just have to wait two days and paint over muscles with some mod podge, then paint the base black to cover the clay below.

On to new projects.

Oh, and the eBay skeleton that I bought, it came with half female and male pelvics so I couldn’t put them together. All in all I have two partially incomplete skeletons but still make for good reference material.

Cleaning the skeleton with acetone…

Saved me a bunch of trouble. I couldn’t do it earlier because I was worried about removing the blue and red paint, but at this point (cleaning with isopropyl, cleaning with Goo Gone, trying to bleach and soak the bones twice to remove the residue etc) I was over my aversion to using acetone.

Residue completely and easily removed.

Also I’m trying to make a stand for it with a curtain rod I have from home and part of an inexpensive rolling chair.

It’s in the works.

I’m studying some old masters. Also attempting to learn more about oil painting.

Due to Covid-19 I haven’t received more clay to complete my ecorche yet.