Just a lot of notes.


Took some notes from Hampton’s vid and started reading a pdf on color theory. Also found out I have his figure drawing book so I can refer to it when drawing weird proportions. My assignment is to complete 25 constructions. On top of that and why the hell not, more gestures.

Here’s an image that I screencapped from his first video. This is the schedule I am following. I’ll be skimming through a few more art books for other assignments after I’m done with Hampton.


Old art 2.

I was browsing through my old hard drive that I took with me when I moved. It just occurred to me that I had some more artwork but I didn’t realize how old they were. In fact I don’t remember much from my early 20s.

I think I was going through some situations.

oof, old drawings.

I thought I had more from high school. Or they’re scattered on the internet somewhere. My coloring skills are horrible, though. Never did attempt coloring.

Some college/late art. At this point in life I didn’t have a lot of inspiration to draw upon. I was working most of the time. My primary major was Drafting and Design with emphasis on Architecture. I never finished.

It’s about that time I educate myself on some technical skills in art. As in abstractions like gestures and scribblers and feels. My body is not ready. QQ

Contour practices.

I am not good with gestures. Right now I’m practicing with poses since I am still deciding on whether or not I should take Proko’s courses. I need professional critiques or at least a second opinion from someone who draws realism as oppose to cartoon stylization.

I refer to references a lot when drawing poses.